1. By playing on our server, the player agrees to comply with all rules mentioned below this one.

2. Unknowingly breaking the rules is still considered as their violation!

3. An interpretation of rules is in the authority of GM / Admin ONLY.

4. GMs and Administrators differ from regular players by names in the form = GM = Nick.

5. GM does NOT replace the loss of items, level or other things caused by players error, client crash or lost internet connection. It also applies to errors during a quest that was successfully finished by other players. You can always start the quest again.

6. The player has the right to use the original features of the game, including further permitted exceptions.

7. Changing the Clan leader is available in game via the clan function. A change of banned Clan leader is possible only with her / his consent and after the agreement with the Administrator.

8. If you decide to give your character a vulgar name, you do so at your own risk of being banned. Reporting such players are not necessary, we will deal with them as we see fit.

9. Players are obliged to check the subject of trade, it´s price and quantity . Attempted scams can end in the ban.

10. All data stored on the server are property of the server owner. Players have no claim for a refund or other compensation in case of losing anything.

11. The service is free and the owner takes no responsibility for any damage caused by its use or eventual unavailability or malfunction.

12. The owner makes no warranties regarding the service operation. The service can be partially suspended or even withdrawn at any time without prior notice.

13. Ignorance of the rules is not an excuse!


1. A player should not share her/his login information to other players. No items will be returned in case of robbery!

2. It's forbidden to use possible bugs or exploits. Using the bug without reporting it will be punished by 2880 minutes in jail.

3. The use of external scripts, programs or anything else that can modify or replace the game client is strictly prohibited. First identified use will be punished by a 24 hours ban. All acquired items will be deleted. Second identified use will be punished by permanent ban.
4. It's forbidden to imitate GM or pretend to act in their name. GM is always shown in the GM list (use command /gmlist).

5. It's forbidden to belittle the GM in the game, forum/discord or personally.

6. It's forbidden to spoil the work of GM, including the discussion of important facts or dissemination of false information.

7. Disparage of the server is forbidden.
8. Spamming or flooding the chat is forbidden and will be punished by 2880 minutes of chat ban.

9. Flaming people is allowed in all chats. You can use command /block (NICK) to stop receiving messages from the person harassing you.

10. It's forbidden to sell/buy game items, characters or accounts for real money.

11. It's forbidden to sell/buy game items, characters or accounts for items, characters or accounts on other servers.

12. Popularization of other servers is forbidden.

13. Donation is voluntary therefore you have no rights to claim any refund.

14. In-game chat(Hero/Shout/Trade) should be only in English language.