Server has been updated to rev. 14742
Server has been updated to rev. 14742
14742: Some cleanup for Skill: Archer's Will
14741: Renamed some files for First Class Transfer NPCs.
14740: Fixed bugs for Hate Effects.
14739: Reparsed Rune Township and Forest of the Dead spawnlist.
14736: Some changes for Steal Buffs.
14735: Some fixes for Steal Buffs.
14732: Steal Buff should count only the cancellable buffs.
14731: Another fix for Steal Buff.
14726: Fixed Steal Buffs.
14725: Fixed Buff order of buff SA weapons.
14724: Update to time debuff formula + small change of configs used in debuff chance.
14722: Fixed mDef not working for skills: Robe Mastery & Enchant Light Armor (all grades).
14720: Fixed Special Ability: Infinity Stinger.
14719: Fixed wrong talisman ID.
14718: Fixed Steal Divinity, should be more powerful.
14717: Fixed Steal Divinity, doesn't work the same way as cancel (tested retail).
14713: Fixed Subclass certification learning skill window.
14709: Fixed hittime from 4000 to 2000 for some augments.
14707: This can fix the Cubic Debuff issue.
14706: Fixed "Magical Backfire" power and missing stat.
14704: Cancel formula update, 100% retail now.
14703: Trigger skills should not be affected by reuse stats.
14697: Fixed potions with 2 icons.
14696: Fixed Highest Power Healing Potion.
14695: Fixed Enchant Armor C grade.
14691: Fixed weapon grade penalty.
14690: Fixed ballista AI.
14688: Fixed "Scorn" skill made player purple.
14684: Fixed Adventurer's Life Cubic.
14683: Fixed Recovery Scrolls level check.
14682: Fixed "Sword/Blunt Weapon Mastery" wrong bonus.
14677: Fixed attack speed time.
14676: Added effect for Blue Talisman of Lord's Divine Protection.
14675: Fixed (I hope) the movement of character when clicking on a distant NPC to interact.
14673: Fixed an huge bug on party instance creation that affect all the check for the same party and should solve a lot of 'weird' problems. Added some checks to better define if a target is Friend or Enemy (avoid, for example, that overlords heals/buffs clan members not in party when in arena).
14669: Added missing reuse delay to Medusa Potion.
14667: Fixed weird bug. When moving, using a toggle, character stop.
14666: Fixed Day of Doom and toggles bug.
14665: Fixed exploit.
14664: Fixed problems with Skill: Hide.
14663: Fixed Talismans. Max CP Territory War talismans should also heal the amount of Max CP they give.
14662: Fixed power of Skill: Dimension Spiral.
14661: Fixed raid curse/ autoattack and improved critical SA.
14656: Fixed Dual Blow lethal chance (1hp). It should be really low.
14653: Fixed spiritshot / blessed spiritshot effect on magic skill cast time.
14647: When enchant fails, support stones count should be updated too.
14646: Some updates for previous.
14645: Fixed debuff of Slow type having so much chance.
14643: Another way to implement physical evasion shots management.
14642: If skill is dodge, don't consume current shot.
14641: Now when enchant fails, inventory is immediately updated.
14634: Shots rework. Reduce a lot of code, clean mirror bugs and also a little add for [14632].
14633: Added system messages for Arcane Shield.
14632: Fixed interrupting mage bubble skills when using potions.
14631: Fixed soulshot skill spam/ rush recharge.
14625: Fixed Hex +30 (3rd route) and soulshosts.
14623: Fixed the problem restoring skills for pets.
14622: Added missing NPC in Talking Island Village.
14620: Skill "Dark Storm" doesn't reduce heal power.
14617: Steal and Cancel should delete from last to first.
14616: Fixed Mass Aqua Cubic and Mass Phantom Cubic.
14615: Fixed pet equip stats application on pet summoning.
14603: Auto shots are loaded after hit/cast, not before.
14602: Enabled spawns for outlaw forest.
14601: Cleaned up duplicate spawns.
14600: Possible fix for hide effect problem.
14599: Small fix for Hide. Skill cancel, selfbuffs should never be cancelled. Bug still present.
14598: Fixed hide and skill interruptions.
14597: Another fix for charges.
14596: Fixed energy stone bug.
14595: Reversed check for max charges.
14594: Fixed Enchant HP bonus bug.
14593: Fixed soul consumption.
14591: Temporary fix (hardcoded) to avoid casting Seal of Ruler issues until we have the new GeoEngine which fixes all casting issues.
14589: Removed (Dragon Valley Cave Raid) Shadow Summoner script until we have retail AI.
14583: Fixed "Contagion". It can't be casted anymore on player what have "Disarm" on it.
14582: Fixed double shot use on A3 skilltype.
14580: "A Powerful Primeval Creature" full rewrite updated to High Five.
14576: Fixed Debuff Immunity.
14576: Updated PvP system. Disabled Auto Attack. Proper way for next action Attack on PvP. Fixed problem with War get Karma with AOE skill what hit Academy members.
14573: Sword Symphony land rate updated to High Five.
14572: Added missing drop for "Platinum Guardian Prefect".
14567: Mobs cannot hate them self, that fix Spoil Bomb what allow mobs to killed from them self.
14565: Fixed Cubics.
14563: Possible fix for Dion traders spawns.
14562: This should fix the landing of debuff on mobs.
14561: Static Damage now is working. Beast Soulshot now is working. Fixed Summon Soulshots.
14560: Now the unlock skill for items (like the holy water used to open the door in the seven sign quest n.196) works.
14559: Fixed an NPE that break some effect removal. Fixed HP stacking.
14557: Fixed Red Talisman of Maximum Clarity and related.
14556: Fixed Evasion (augmentation not removed) and related.
14550: Transfer Damage should not do anything (reduce damage nor transfer it) if summon is invulnerable.
14549: Fixed Counter Critical 2h sword/blunt.
14547: Backstab damage, very close to retail (less than 5% difference, could be randomness).
14546: Not let players use /unstuck while in fear.
14545: Fixed shield problem.
14544: Fixed Rising Shot missing soul consume.
14538: Fixed castle/fort Talismans, missing one. Also add retail chance for each one. Also fixed some custom messages.
14537: Shield can't block shots.
14536: Updated from notdone skills with Freya data.
14535: Updated formula for backstab damage.
14532: Fixed spiritshot damage bonus.
14531: Deathlink is blocked by shield.
14526: Fixed some skills or add missing effect avoid aggro.
14524: Added new effects for Skills Veil and Requiem. Also added a small fix for lethal skills to include raid minions too.
14522: Some fixes related to initial stat values.
14520: Fixed Traits for debuffs.
14517: Rework for Path to Artisan. Updated to retail, fixed all related bugs, tons of missing stuff and NPC added.
14515: Fixed Elementals removal.
14513: Fixed chance skills.
14511: Fixed Skill Rage patk.
14510: Fixed Backstab effect auto use soulshot.
14509: Fixed Backstab and Lethal Blow SSBoost values.
14508: Fixed soulshot effect now ignored by cancel/steal.
14506: Fixed bug with offline stores on siege grounds.
14505: Fixed Betray Mark don't working properly.
14504: Fixed Skills failing after using Signet-Skill.
14503: Fixed Element stacking.
14502: Implemented retail skill reuse glitch (disabled by default!).
14498: PvP weapon damage calculation method removed - values already assigned in items/skills.
14496: Fixed crazy damage bug.
14494: Fixed cubics delay time.
14493: Life Cubic level 1 : land chance fix.
14490: Shots don't show in buff bar and also some cleanup.
14482: Fixed pet food.
14465: Formulas bow constant / soulshot value depending on weapon.
14461: Autoattack and physical skills formulas, also some cleaning.
14448: Updated NPC HP/MP to freya and more agathion updates.
14447: Updated NPC P.Atk to freya and some agathion stats updated.
14446: Updated some NPC stats to High Five.
14442: Fixed some duplicate spawns.
14438: Updated NPC to High Five. Added missing mobs, fixed wrong names and titles.
14435: Added new magic damage formula + changes/fixes to other formulas.
14433: Changed formulas for stats Accuracy and Evasion to include new values from npcstats.
14426: Parsed more spawn zones to retail like:
* Immortal Plateau
* Neutral Zone
* Right of Immortal Plateau
* Rune Township & Forest of the Dead
* Cursed Village
* Sea of Spores
* Giran Harbor
* Outlaw Forest
All these parsed to match retail.
Deleted minions for some spawns where they are added here now.
14419: Removed some duplicated spawns from last update.
14417: Weapon grade penalty on accuracy is core managed (as in retail).
14416: New accuracy formula.
14415: Fixed Skill Summon Mew the Cat.
14411: Parsed spawn zones to retail:
* Wall of Argos
* School of Dark Arts
* Even Forest
* Iris Lake
* Eastern Mining Zone
14407: New blow damage formula + methods/fixes.
14406: Fixed Fighter's Will icon. Fixed Apella crit bonuses.
14405: Fixed problems with mdef/pdef on summon.
14404: Parsed Fields of Massacre retail spawn zone.
14402: Fixed patk for summons.
14401: Fixed evasion and accuracy: now are 100% like retail.
14400: Fixed pAtkRange variations.
14399: Fixed wrong HTML in Test of the Summoner quest.
14398: Updated Test of the Sumoner HTML.
14396: Fixed and implemented Pole atk range.
14394: Some dialog fix in Test of The Summoner also remove one extra spawn.
14382: Ported Test of the Summoner to Java based on Freya data.
14378: Fixed Guilted Body.
14375: Added retail values for Shirts ("Underwear")" and cloaks "Back" armor.
14373: Kamael base stats were wrong, fixed.
14371: Fixed Accuracy.
14370: Evasion rate new formula, checked on more classes/levels.
14369: Fixed Accuracy, evasion, speed stats now are 100% like retail.
14360: Ported Muertos Feather to java and retail values.
14359: getMAtk is now 100% as retail.
14357: Ported 2 quest to java and retail values: Fantasy Wine & Sense For Business.
14356: New stats for sigil mastery passive skills.
14354: getMdef now 100% match with retail.
14353: Formula getPdef aligned with retail values. Now match 100%.
14335: Fixed pDef for full armor.
14317: Enchant Scrolls & Cubic fixes.
14315: Cubic fixes.
14312: Fixed all known bugs with cubics so far.
14311: Fixed Cubic Mastery need to stay on passives.
14308: Cubics rework.
14307: Counterattack triggers fixed.
14305: Fixed crit damage resist calculation.
14303: EAttack damage formula, finally 100% H5P5 retail.
14302: Blow / Backstab skill critical.
14300: New effect for Backstab (for more future modifications), new blow chance formula.
14298: Fixed bug with expertise after latest expertise patch.
14297: Airship controller improvements: Fixed bug when on server startup airship wasn't set on dock. Thanks l2j.
14286: Removed vanhalter spawnlist and fixed a lot of wrong spawns.
14282: Changed the handling of the rune of crystals. Decrease penalty runes basically.
14278: Multisell Upgrade hatchling to strider equipment update to High Five.
14270: More triggers move to effect also fix double trigger from hero weapons that critical skill is handle on Items.
14265: On High five pets do not run away if they are hungry. This should fix that.
14251: No more exploits using pailaka buffs from weapons outside of pailaka.
14245: Core Implementation for below statement from retail. Basically if below 0 rep your skills will be disabled and if higher than 0 again it will be enabled
"Once a clan skill is mastered, it can be used until the clan is dissolved. However, if the clan’s Clan Reputation points become 0 or drop below 0, the skill will no longer work until there are 1 or more Clan Reputation points."
14225: Fixed summon cubic time.
14204: Cubic skills and some other fixes.
14199: Fixed problem when summons walking randomly.
14184: Fixed warping through doors.
14181: Fixed Rush teleport.
14110: Skill power shouldn't affect character base mAtk.
14109: Doors rework.
14104: Fixed "Rush" weapon check.
14102: Fixed problem with Balance Life.
14097: Fixed Giran Castle to Giran Castle Front port. It was taking you to Giran Town instead.
14074: Blacksmith of Mammon - SA: S-Grade update to High Five.
14073: Blacksmith of Mammon - SA: A-grade update to High Five.
14070: Updated Master Ishuma to High Five.
14064: Wrong BA count show on castle dwarfs.
14063: Trigger debuffs can't be reflected.
14056: Fixed RB "Abyss Brukunt" spawn location.
14024: Fixed Solina's Guardian & Magma Drake Hatchling level.
14023: Fixed problem with "Kasha Eyes".
14022: That needs to fix problem when player cannot pickup item from ground.
14017: Finally fix all Antharas Cave & Dragon Valley walking mobs so they don't stuck any more. Will find more mobs inside what random walking/ running.
14015: Fixed geodata in "antharas circle".
14015: Fixed problem with hp buff reduce HP.
14014: Wrong crystal level show in message in Enhance Your Weapon.
14013: Fixed Disarm. It needs to include only Weapons shield sigil. Still can be used, also there is no message.
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