Server has been updated to rev. 14010
Server has been updated to rev. 14010
14010: Master Work Two-Hand blunts "Staff of Divine Power" skill fixed.
14008: Fix for an huge bug that affect Seal of Limit after [13969]
14006: Same bug for quest: The Leader And The Follower
14005: Fixed quest To Lead And Be Led.
14004: Fixed T-Rex AI.
14003: Raid Boss Tirak spawn loc fixed,
14002: Fixing missing conditions validation in triggered skills, thx UnAfraid and Gnacik.
14000: A little fix for Battle Arena, to avoid that a single player defaulted blocks the player status recovery + a little optimization on latest change by Zealar.
13999: Dragon Fangs fix "ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException".
13998: Fixed problem when player relog and clan leader cannot learn Squad skills.
13997: Finally solved problems with Territory AI - Now the spawn/despawn of L2Npc is well managed by the AI. This solve problem with Langk Lizardmens as reported by Zealar.
13993: Destruction scrolls fix to proper values.
13992: Quest: Seekers Of The Holy Grail update match to retal (drop chance, reward, destroy quest give adena, html, proper rates). Use new Adena from Quest from [13991].
13991: Added ADENA id in Quest class for save some ram and make more easy and clear quests w/o errors.
13990: Fixed a lot of quests that has wrong chances calculation. Fixed Rise and Fall of the Elroki Tribe that don't give the Daimon Crystal fragments.
13989: Added 'neutral' flag to skills that cast 'confuseMob' effect, to avoid pvp flag on caster.
13988: Fixed EffectSummonNpc to allow summoning a merchant golem. Fixed effectConfuse to get valid targets
13986: fix for some wrong hp and mp multipliers in npc skills.
13985: Fix for player of same clan can hit at olympiads before countdown ends.
13983: more skills fix.
13982: Race Types fix too.
13981: Added traits to npc shiftClick
13980: Added Weapon trait.
13978: Not only dagger should be considered  by blow skills
13977: Implemented Weapon Trait.
13975: Fixed skill 4416 seems never add to monsters
13972: Fixed Charge random dmg.
13966: lethalRate removed coz is custom that will fix problem with huge lethal chance.
13962: Don't Know Don't Care quest Attribute crystals reward fix
13961: Fixed bug when player relogin and leader clan buttons get broken.
13959: Fix to avoid that traps can get owner as valid target.
13958: Just a little optimization: if target is not a player has no sense send him a message.
13957: Fixed droplist for Platinum Guard Prefect
13956: Reworked Shadow Step Effect. Is not perfect but should be far better than before. Fixed an error on GroupZoneSpawnscript that didn't allow some spawns. Now all should works fine.
13955: Warning fixes and (finally!) solved a bug with traps that don't allow to use them in oly.
13954: Little change on check if friend (target affectobject)
13953: New NpcStrings for [13952]
13952: A lot of message string converted to NpcString, this should give better network performance.
13951: Fixed AFFECT_ENEMY skills when in olympiad
13950: Quest Don't know don't care - Added code to be sure that spawned npc is recognized by all command channel members.
13949: Reverted knownlist change, 4000 is too big
13948: Code needed for [13947], changed some Knownlist ranges to have corpse spawning (actually a lot of ppl cannot see it).
13947: Changes for quest 456 Don't Know Don't Care: the essences are quest items and you must be in command channel to get the essence.
13946: Grandbosses killed in Command Channel Should give points (and be written on hero diary) too.
- Minimum casting animation time changed to 550 to allow the client to rendere animation, thx to l2j staff
- Changed size of BBS pages (now should not crash client anymore), thx to l2j staff.
- Removed some useless code into item db update.
13941: Some skill and effects optimization.
13940: Partially reverted [13923]. We already manage starstones collection into the AI.
13939: SocialAction is allowed in Olympiad
13936: Increase soul per critical is control by trigger so that code is not used
13935: Added missing effect for Soul Range.
13934: Removed not used code for incrase souls now that is handle by effect.
13933: Fixed Life to Soul enchant after [13888]
13932: Added DP support for [13931] also add missing message when try to Harvesting not dead monster, and fix incorect message.
13931: Harvest removed from skilltype and moved to effect.
13930: Fixed some Agathion and skills.
13926: Fixed problem with player and pets having the same names.
13925: Invul characters cannot be healed using Heal Over Time effects
13924: Added some missing "final" in database operations.
13923: Fixed some quests.
13922: Fixed stolen buffs that has instant effects.
13920: When effect is copy to summon heal effect need to be ignored like Greater Heal/ COV etc (only instant heal effect).
13919: Fixed exploit what allow player to have buffs x2 normal + combo.
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