Server has been updated to rev. 13918
Server has been updated to rev. 13918
[13918] Fix problem player get Blessed Body and Improved Condition in same time
[13917] DV raid stats adjusted
[13914] Removed angle calculation from calcPhysDamage formula when using fist, dual, dualfist, dualdagger and charge damage attack
[13913] Little fix about Chrage dmg
[13901] proper implementation for Newbie jewel set
[13900] Increase speed for switch to subclass now is a lot faster
[13898] Remove TvT
[13895] Remove some "space" in item names
[13893] changed timing of update for TW start date: sometimes the timer triggers before the validation period starts and TW skips to the next week
[13890] Souls to Effect
[13887] Fix "Soul Mastery" need to increase 1 soul for each critical hit
[13886] removed double warpgate spawn
[13884] Fix double spawn for raids
- Tiger Hornet (26)
- Pan Dryad (25)
- Eye of Beleth (35)
[13883] Fix problem player attack before olympiad start
[13881] Fix problem some times clan wars delete w/o reason
[13876] "Power Slash" not need pole for cast
[13875] Fix problem players with Stealth , Shadow Dance go near Ant Queen
[13874] Some fix for Santa Event
[13865] Soul of the Phoenix && Salvation work only on Pet not for Summon
[13864] Experience need for lvl match to High Five
[13863] Fix losing karma on killing
[13858] Fix problem some times when player kill summon not receive karma
[13856] A lot fix for Shadow Step
[13952] Now raids can drop more than 1 unstackable item
[13850] Fix Signet's never despair or not working
[13839] Great reduce lag for party buffs in sige 10-20 times faster (reduce a lot of lag on siege)
[13837] Improve clan packages (reduce lag)
[13835] Necromancer copy buffs to summons
[13823] Check if summon / pet is in AOE buff range
[13822] Fix problem with despair skills when learn it on guard
[13821] Fix problem with learn Squad Skills
[13817] Some bug fix in HB lvl 6 also Zaken timer packages fix
[13816] NpcString implement now all packets send to client with npcstring are encoded that will reduce server lag too
[13809] Soul Cloak of Frintezza is s80 | Soul Cloak of Freya is s84
[13807] Tiat Droplist fix
[13806] Fix Ballista Bomb not working on TW
[13805] Shadow Step Heading(in what direction player look) after port to enemy is fixed
[13804] Some changes into Shadow step skill effects, now should be more affordable (players complains that sometimes effect don't work)
[13802] When player kill enemy in TW receive fame
[13801] Some fix for Zaken instance and NPE fix for Seven Sign Embryio epic quest
[13800] Reduce spam of UserInfo package that need to reduce Network trafik
[13799] Changed scope behaviour for chain heal to include the healer in the list of targets
[13790] Add missing dialog in quest Control Device Of The Giants
[13789] Summon Exp Penalty
[13788] Hero items will not disarmed anymore when login in game with Hero Character
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