Server has been updated to rev. 13701
Server has been updated to rev. 13701
13700: Enter for Anakin / Lilith duplicate remove require dp.
13699: Fixed Fear dead problem also that will fix a lot of problem caused by losing AI.
13698: This should fix problem mobs can cast skills under fear effect.
13697: Fix problem with enter Anakim chamber.
13696: Fear and RunAway effect updated. Note the die animation when feared is broken, we need further investigation to understand why.
13692: Update stuck command allow to check more information about current state of player.
13672: Fix bug what allow players to heal doors with Chain Heal also some optimization is done and some other little fix done , same for normal Heal
13668: Fixed a bug that permits to kamaels to wear shields and sigils.
13654: Follow skills updated/fixed:
- Song of Renewal
- Master Ability - Empower | Little bonus reduce.
- Master Ability - Defense | Static bonus removed now bonus Pdef is based on armor what you use.
- Master Ability - Magic Defense | Bonus incrase a little.
- Warrior Ability - Boost CP | Bonus incrase a little.
- Hold of King | Add missing resist.
- Dark Curse | Reduce Attack Speed reduce.
- Day of Doom | Incrase reduce P.Def.
- Add double MP consumation for Physical and dance skills.
- Reduce regeneration increase.
- Switch reduce speed.
- Enchanter Ability - Barrier | Remove not proper effect
13653: Support for [13652] plus a lot of changes and 2 new skills now all boost heal skills is checked and updated where is needed.
13652: remove not retail heal stat and replace with correct one also fix for bug with potion's need to be ignored on boost heal
13643: Now trigger actions like Lightning Barrier should works fine. Avoided a weird attacker block next action when using skills before reuse.
13637: this need to fix problem with Control Towers in siege where towers spawn with 500hp
13634: fix Residential Shock Immunity animation problem
13633: ... and more quest fixes ...
Still Missing: single game mechanism and code for events.
13627: Fix problem with Elixir not show reuse.
13626: Fix all Cloak now they show P.Def. not M.Def. also update
- Cloak of Zaken
- Cloak of Freya
- Cloak of Frintezza
- Soul Cloak of Zaken
- Soul Cloak of Freya
- Soul Cloak of Frintezza
13625: Fix problem "some times when open iventory you see cloak slot disabled"
13619: Fixed error path with renaming royal guard, etc on village masters.
13610: hope final fix for ConditionTargetMyPartyAndMe
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