Server has been updated to rev. 13461
Server has been updated to rev. 13461
13461: Fixed Mass Block/ Wind Walk for not blocking new effects.
13459: Fixed wrong Enlightenment skill on some classes.
13457: Fixed Cancel/ Steal formula.
13456: Fixed Seal of Limit and HP CP MP regeneration.
13454: Fixed problem with exchange multisell and enchanted masterwork items.
13453: Fixed problem when switch to exchange multisell, masterwork items won't show.
13450: Fixed equip reuse for black talismans.
13449: Fixed initial reuse of some talismans.
13448: Fixed issue with char keep moving after stun/ para/ etc.
13447: Fixed Focus Skill Mastery.
13446: Fixed reuse of Aura Cannon, Aura Blast.
13445: Fixed Hurricane Armor, Frost Armor, Flame Armor skills triggering debuff on caster.
13444: Fixed triggered skills of PvP armors (mirage, heal, damage down).
13443: Fixed chance skill trigger. Should be able to get stolen/cancelled.
13441: Fixed Stigma of Shilien & Real Target they can be cast on not flagged player or NPC (using ctrl). Also added missing message.
13440: Fixed Soul Vortex on Warcryer class.
13439: Fixed problem with Seven Signs, To The Monastery Of Silence quest "red device don't want to talk".
13436: Fixed incorrect pet name and pet naming.
13435: Fixed erase summon don't give any message for resist or success. Also that message here is when you summon despair in normal way not for hard remove.
13434: Fixed erase need to never land if caster and effected summon have to big level different.
13433: Fixed Multiple Shot have next action attack.
13432: Fixed Death Shot have next action attack.
13431: Fixed problem with char not enter in combat mode. That will fix problem with chars not always autoattack after skill.
13428: Fixed PvP Weapon - CP Drain to our target system.
13427: Fixed trigger skills.
13425: Fixed damage of ranged skills when used with bow/crossbow.
13419: Fixed debuff duration only influenced if skill doesn't ignore resists.
13418: Fixed skills that ignore resists being capped at 90% land rate.
13417: Fixed (temp) Eye of Kesha debuffs.
13415: Fixed Heat of Desert. Will not resist anymore.
13414: Fixed Proof of Clan Alliance quest potion not working.
13411: Fixed buff copy to summons. Copy happen only on Summons never on Pets.
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