Server has been updated to rev. 13366
Server has been updated to rev. 13366
13366: Fixed Blade Rush. It should not ignore resists.
13364: Updated Magic damage formula. Changed after tests, the damage is now very close to retail.
13362: Fixed triggered skills that ignore resists not always landing.
13361: Fixed Fear. Should not cancel skill casting.
13360: Fixed un-toggle fake death.
13356: Fixed problem with Disciple Soline attacking themeselves.
13354: Updated Quest: Testimony of Glory.
13351: Fixed Large Dragon Skull and is now set like Quest Item also is forbidden to be store in warehouse for avoid problems with quest "legendary tales".
13346: Fixed Cubics low landrate.
13345: Fixed (probably) Hellbound Level 5.
13342: Fixed problem with PvP skills get trigger from mobs.
13341: Fixed Warp to be able to use it while being rooted.
13340: Fixed Dual Blow reuse.
13339: Fixed Reuse delay to 0 for bottle of souls.
13337: Added Challenge of Fate abnormal.
13334: Fixed Damage for Curse of Divinity to depend also on debuffs and triggers.
13333: Fixed Pride of Kamael to be casted with any weapon type.
13332: Fixed Challenge for Fate lock target time, landrate, and shouldn't remove UD.
13331: Fixed problem with PvP skills get trigger from mobs.
13329: Fixed trigger skills being activated from reflect damage with normal damage as activation, not reflected damage.
13326: Ported Quests: Collectors Dream, Trade With The Ivory Tower, Orc Subjugation, Keen Claws, Please of Pixies, Wrath of Verdure, Traces of Evil, Invention Ambition from python to java.
13325: Fixed Fiery Demon Blood.
13321: Fixed problem when dwarfs try to get second class.
13318: Fixed that you should never get PvP flag for casting any skill on the target if the target is inside a PvP Zone.
13317: Fixed backstab hidden modifier, it depends on positional critical damage modifier.
13315: Added positional critical damage (Focus Death, Focus Power, etc), positional critical rate (Focus Chance), hidden Backstab damage modifier, skill crit rate depending on blow land rate. Fixed critical damage resist formula. Removed critical vulnerability stat.
13314: Fixed triggers for Protection of Elemental, Protection of Alignment, Archer's Will.
13313: Updated to retail coordinates for freya/frintezza/zaken cloak teleport skill.
13312: Fixed Focus Death, Focus Chance, Focus Power. Restrictions are only used for casting the skill, not for the effect.
13311: Updated Zaken, Freya, Frintezza Cloak teleport magic hit time to last client info.
13310: Updated debuff time formula, retail-like.
13309: Fixed Zaken, Freya, Frintezza Cloak teleports magic.
13308: Fixed Skill: Provoke radius.
13306: Ported Quest: Bring Wolf pelts to java. Converted Quest: Request From The Farm Owner to java. Converted Quest: Orc Hunting to java.
13304: Ported Quest: Devils Legacy to java and updated it a bit. Converted Quest: Won't you join us to java.
13303: Fixed if target has cursed weapon equipped, is not a friend.
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