Server has been updated to rev. 13302
Server has been updated to rev. 13302
13299: Fixed Hellbound level should change from 3 to 4 when Jude takes the 40 native treasures.
13298: Updated RainbowSpringsChateau.
13296: Updated Blue Talisman of Reflection to High Five.
13295: Fixed wrong transformation skill on fun-weapons.
13294: Fixed Goddard -> Ketra teleport.
13293: Fixed when changing from an item used with 1 hand to another used with 2 hands, the double remove (single and double hands slots) makes impossible to do a correct 'item change'.
13291: Fixed Inandril Wyvern Manager recognize clan leader correct. Fixed Hadley double spawn.
13290: Fixed Weapon SA equip bug.
13289: Updated stats for Mardil's Fan.
13286: Added now you can use voiced commands in every channel.
13283: Fixed charges-time should be reset after every charging.
13282: Fixed amount of items recovered when removing dyes.
13279: Added support for SP scrolls.
13275: Fixed blow dmg problem, base PvP value never load.
13268: Ported Quest: Harvest Grounds Safe to java.
13267: Added Blood Brother weapon to Blacksmith of Mammon and Blacksmith Ishuma for SA add/remove and remove Masterwork.
13265: Ported Quest: A Broken Dream to java.
13263: Added character name change system, that was implemented by NcWest for NA server merges.
13261: Ported Quest: Possessor Of A Precious Soul - 4 to java.
13259: Ported Quest: Chains of Slavery to java.
13258: Fixed chain heal effect. Now for that skill the target array is made of injured characters.
13257: Ported Quest: Gatekeeper's Offering to java.
13255: Fixed another Bug in Dwarven change occupation files.
13254: Ported Red-Eyed Invaders to java.
13246: Fixed another classchange problems from village master.
13241: Fixed missing animation skill when char have huge attack/ casting speed.
13234: Ported Sings of Revolt to java.
13233: Fixed Quest: Into The World.
13230: Updated Banshee queen Enria location/ minions/ type.
13215: Fixed buffs like Chant of Victory, Body of Avatar. Now Barrier and Celestial Shield don't block them.
13212: Fixed Kamaloka Combo buffs issue. Example: If you had Improved Condition before you enter, you couldn't receive Bless the Body, Battle Roar, Body Of Avatar.
13197: Added some of boss weapons to pvp add/ remove. Butcher Blades, Blades of Delusion and Blood Brother.
13182: Updated Skill: Fighter's Will to match retail (Freya).
13171: Fixed skill max enchant level show properly.
13170: Fixed problem when clan leader try to learn Squad skill and clan status reset to lvl 0, base None and window is closed.
13168: Fixed condition to allow oupost demolition.
13157: Fixed Quest: Testimony Of Glory.
13140: Fixed missing Voltar spawn.
13133: Fixed Disarm resist. Now it's based on the right resists.
13115: Fixed target change problem.
13109: Updated Zaken droplist.1
13094: Fixed Quest: The Name of Evil part 1.
13089: Fixed the issue that trigger skills were not trigged by actual skill damage, such as mage skills. Now this is possible and each effect which does damage has no possibility to trigger a trigger skill.
13087: Updated Quest: Threat Removal. Fixed drop chance for each monster. Fixed reward chance and count. 
13086: Fixed Roxxy Gatekeeper in TI not working at all.
13085: Fixed Territory War Wards. Casting on outpost now should work.
13073: Fixed skill casting queue. If you cast same skill as you casted last it should be able to be queued into the queue list.
13070: Added support for Item: Letter Collector's Gift.
13068: Fixed adena shift click drop rate the min rate said the 1x and max said proper.
13062: Fixed Potion of Energy Maintenance. It should have 30 minutes reuse.
13060: Fixed according to l2j: Magic skill casting time is reduced by 40% instead of 30% when using spiritshots.
13047: Fixed Quest: MeetingTheElroki.
13045: Fixed problem with "Deadly Strike" cannot force attack on white targets.
13044: Fixed skills like Aura Flash or Aura of Hate (AoE). They don't need target to be cast.
13043: Fixed Nevit's Hourglass.
13041: Fixed visual bug with mob return to spawn point.
13038: Fixed Group Heal affect restrictions.
13036: Fixed new global (NPC) AI, PhysicalSpecial. Now it is working retail-like (High Five).
13031: Fixed Leech (DV) AI.
13025: Updated cancel max/min rates to match retail (High Five).
13019: Fixed Flagpole. Should work now.
13018: Added experimental Target Flagpole and Scope Party and Party + PLedge.
13017: Updated Jude's Request. Should be able to take it at lvl78 too.
13016: Fixed can't cast flag on the flagpole to take the fort it says incorrect target.
13005: Fixed hittime of warp skills from 100 to 500. You are supposed to be able to move while casting them, but this part is still not working.
12976: Fixed summon stats.
12967: Fixed Mana Gain.
12961: Ported Quest: TestOfDuelist to java.
12960: Added working Freya and enabled it.
12959: Fixed a couple of olympiad bugs.
12957: Fixed baby pets.
12954: Ported Quest: TestimonyOfProsperity to java.
12953: Ported Quest: TestimonyOfGlory to java.
12951: Fixed Skill: Fake Death.
12959: Added missing enchant route for Skill: Lightning Barrier.
12906: Added dualbox protection for oly registering.
12880: Fixed Spear of Silenos speak (from pailaka 73-77). Buff need to be removed on disarm pole or exit pailaka.
12879: Fixed double damage from AoE skills.
12855: Fixed Corpse Burst to consume exploded target.
12845: Fixed all problem with summons what buff/heal monster and you get flag without use ctrl, skills like Shade Sacrifice and other.
12837: Fixed Fishing Guild Member Galba (Rainbow Springs Chateau) missing HTML. 
12833: Fixed Blazing Boost skill. Skills 'not offensive' needs this flag to be casted without pressing ctrl.
12832: Added missing Noblesse teleport from Hunters to Antharas Lair.
12824: Ported Quests: TheWayOfTheWarrior, IconicTrinity, LostDream and VainConclusion to java.
12811: Fixed Curse Gloom target type.
12809: Fixed Skills: Crushing Strike (replace stun effect with debuff) and Skill: Blazing boost (removed damage).
12824: Ported Quests: BloodFiend, WildHunt, DarkMass, DwarvenKinship, DeliverSupplies, NightmareChildren, DangerousAllure, ActsOfEvil, NewHorizons, ToTheIsleOfSouls and SupplyCheck to java.
12792: Fixed Totems not spawning but consuming the item.
12786: Fixed the Proof of Clan alliance quest now players should die properly when offering themselves.
12785: Fixed error that abort skills if one target is dead.
12784: Ported Quests: RecoverSmuggled, SeedOfEvil, ProtectHeadsprings, NerupasFavor, CurseOfFortress and LegacyOfPoet to java.
12782: Fixed Buffs abnormal level (NCSoft) bug because they currently stack which will just give crazy stats.
12781: Fixed the coktails you get from the no grade adventure pack not working.
12780: Fixed Confuse Mob. It is not a PvP Skill
12778: Fixed Infinity Axe SA (double triggering).
12777: Added effect Confuse Mob.
12776: Fixed Skill: Counter Chance affect scope.
12773: Fixed Skill: Counter Rapid Shot, Counter Dash, Light Flow, Betrayal Mark and Great Fury affect scope.
12772: Fixed Dual Dagger equip. Player should have dual dagger mastery.
12767: Fixed Improved Coktails.
12766: Fixed Vanguard skills. Should not either go to servitor or pet.
12765: Fixed neutral players resurrection. Should not be able to be resurrected inside siege zone.
12763: Ported Quests: TempleChampionPart1, TempleChampionPart2, FallenAngelRequestOfDawn, FallenAngelRequestOfDusk, SaveMySister1 and ShardsOfGolem to java.
12761: Ported Quests: TheLeaderAndTheFollower, TheNameOfEvil1, TempleMissionary and TempleExecutor to java.
12759: Fixed servitor share. Removed from the list of skills that are casted on summons too.
12756: Fixed issue beeing able to cast Wind Stirke, Spoil and other spells on dead mobs. It should not be possible
12754: Updated Headquarter npc stats.
12751: Ported Quests: MercilessPunishment, TheOtherSideOfTruth and ToLeadAndBeLed to java.
12741: Fixed double targets on rush and other FAN skills.
12736: Fixed a bug that don't allows to heal/buff the summon without targetting.
12734: Updated all Dragon valley and Lair of Anthars mobs to be as close as 98% to retail like stats. Updated all Dragon Valley and Lair of antharas skill lists to match retail values, however this is only passives.
12733: Ported all Class Transfer scripts to java.
12731: Fixed issue for being able to attack yourself.
12726: Fixed abnormal level for Fury of Pa'agrio.
12717: Fixed Beleth ring. It should give 12% more Mdef.
12707: Fixed broken Prophet NPC Walker in Gludio.
12694: Fixed Invocation skill (sometimes this skill remain active) and should fix other permastun problem too.
12688: Added Olympiad reward box.
12682: Fixed summons to allow hit same clan members when in oly.
12679: Fixed Necromancer skills Summon Reanimated Man, Summon Corrupted Man, and Summon Cursed Man to no longer require a corpse.
12678: Fixed SevenSignContractOfMammon and SevenSignSecretRitualOfThePriests. Now transformation skills require a target.
12676: Fixed condition to build headquarter and effects to build base (headquarter, advanced headquarter and outpost).
12668: Fixed Gate Chant.
12660: Fixed mail payment request: mail and items get lost if recipient is over weight.
12657: Updated Hellbound Steel Citadel, now its more clean.
12646: Fixed light crossbow. It is a bow not a crossbow.
12512: Fixed missing multiple target on some pole-weapons.
12484: Fixed Elegia sets critical rate: rcrit off value must be be multiplied by 10.
12474: Fixed Potion skills to shouldn't trigger skills, including weapon chance skills.
12471: Fixed Butcher Blades Weapon.
12467: Fixed potion skills: Should not trigger skills.
12435: Fixed Flames of Invinciibility and other pledge scopes not including caster to the targets. Now all works fine.
12463: Fixed odd party buffs on owned pets problem.
12457: Fixed Swoop Cannon skills doing nothing.
12452: Fixed Poision Cloud. Works but it flags caster after few casts and also gives the debuff to caster.
12444: Fixed Shift + Click show proper Adena drop.
12441: Fixed Servitor Share. It's a selfbuff.
12437: Fixed aura skills not working with no targets around.
12419: Fixed party buffs not being cast without target.
12416: Updated Force of Destruction to retail (High Five).
12415: Updated Balance Life to retail (High Five). Changed in some update to allow healing on invulnerable characters.
12412: Fixed issue with target self affecting others (visual effect still bugged).
12411: Fixed Agathion Seal Bracelet - Antharas.
12409: Fixed the following items (now working): Red Firework Flames, Gold Firework Flames, Blue Firework Flames, Pink Firework Flames, White Firework Flames and Silver Firework Flames.
12399: Fixed Hide hittime.
12398: Fixed skill: Shield Strike.
12372: Added check for Z so clients don't fall through floor/stairs while using rush/warp skills.
12361: Fixed duplicate spawn of race manager.
12357: Added check to avoid chain-aggro effect.
12352: Updated multisells to match retail:
S80 Armors / Jewels - Delusion Chamber multisell items updated to match retail
Upgrade hatchling to strider equipment multisell items updated to match retail
Asyatei - Soul Trader multisell items updated to match retail
Test server helper - Purchase wearable items multisell items updated to match retail
Territory Manager - Schuttgart multisell items updated to match retail
Territory Manager - Rune multisell items updated to match retail
Territory Manager - Goddard multisell items updated to match retail
Territory Manager - Innadril multisell items updated to match retail
Territory Manager - Aden multisell items updated to match retail
Territory Manager - Oren multisell items updated to match retail
Territory Manager - Giran multisell items updated to match retail
Territory Manager - Dion multisell items updated to match retail
Territory Manager - Gludio multisell items updated to match retail
Officer Tolonis - Energy Stone gathering multisell items updated to match retail
Hude S80 Rec and Parts multisell items updated to match retail
12351: Updated multisells to match retail
Seven Signs - Purchase consumable multisell items updated to match retail
Upgrade hatchling to strider equipment multisell items updated to match retail
Upgrade pet equipment multisell items updated to match retail
Blacksmith Pinter - Shadow academy items multisell items updated to match retail
Quest 632: Necromancers Request exchange Bills items multisell items updated to match retail
Hellbound's Newbie Shadow Weapon Coupons items multisell items updated to match retail
Adventurers' Guide Miss Queen: Return Newbie Coupon items multisell items updated to match retail
Fortress Support Unit Captain - magic related products (hear/face gear) items multisell items updated to match retail
12336: Fixed Territory War jewels now sold for 0 adena.
12318: Fixed Tutorial quest.
12316: Fixed Elixir reuse to match retail (High Five).
12315: Fixed Enhanced Striped Mithril Shirt M.def bonus
12309: Ported That's Bloody Hot to Java, matching retail.
12298: Added the ability to find items in Warehouse using text search when Warehouse Sorting is enabled (Custom).
12297: Fixed Warrior's Rush, Blazing Boost and Rush Impact reuse delay and set as static (High Five).
12295: Fixed quest: _153_DeliverGoods and _905_RefinedDragonBlood.
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