Server has been updated to rev. 12279
Server has been updated to rev. 12279
12079: Fixed offensive skills against mobs.
12082: Fixed "cannot target" against Nellis' Vengeful Spirit.
12083: Fixed Barrier's need to block Chain Heal.
12085: Fixed Clan Hall regeneration problem.
12086: Fixed Hide, doesn't need to cancel only Skills what will have effect on end of cast.
12087: Fixed Stealth, is not like Hide doesn't need to remove it on any action.
12088: Updated damage from reflect skills to retail. Looks like Diego Vergas one is wrong.
12089: More fixes about reflect.
12090: Finish Counter attack skills - now working properly. Also some fix when is blow.
12091: Fixed problem with Counterattack and similar skills when reflect Backstab and all skills what hit direct on HP.
12093: Lightning Shock is Magic skill in High Five.
12094: Now cancel/ steal for Battle Roar working normaly.
12098: Noblesse Blessing can be stolen.
12099: Fixed bug when players buff a lot players with item buffs using AOE buffs.
12100: Fixed problem when TOL cancel or some similar skill with effect Heal Over Time.
12101: Fixed Steal/ Cancel for skills. Now skills like TOL/ Invocation/ Force Meditation/ Iron Shield/ tigger skills and other can be stolen/ canceled.
12102: Implemented stealing in a different way.
12105: Fixed problem when stealing EffectMaxHpPerc skills.
12108: Prophecy of Wind doesn't heal on buff.
12109: This allows onCast and onCrit weapon skills to be used only for target SELF, ONE or on the skill caster.
12112: Allows to damage NPCs without kill them.
12113: Some changes for seed of annihilation raid Taklacan, was self killing.
12114: Fixed the issue with Steel Citadel (Base Tower) that left instance active.
12115: Fixed Shuttgard siege messenger double spawn.
12116: Experimental changes into formulas about magic level.
12117: Disarm land on all mobs/raids/summons now, also added missing animation.
12118: Base tanks can triger skills from summons w/o summon to have reflect.
12119: Allow to player exit from rift if they enter without quest or for some reason stats for it is losing.
12120: Fixed monsters/ summons/ pets/ raids... accuracy.
12122: Disarm should lands on mobs too.
12123: Removed abilities for summon to trigger owner's skills.
12124: Now Characters Accuracy/ Evasion is same like retail.
12125: Some oly code cleaning, should fix issue with weapons not removed for old heroes.
12126: Allows to get olympic points only during competition period.
12129: Fixed Seer Uboros exploit.
12131: New characters should have 0 CP, 60% of max MP, 60% of max HP.
12133: Fixed problems with Ant Guards.
12134: Ability of Prominent Adventure's Soul should increase HP/ MP regen, not recharge effectiveness.
12135: Mana gain must be added, not multiplied.
12136: Fixed Drain and Transfer damage.
12137: Added new Quests: The Call of Antharas/ Dragon Trophy Antharas/ The Call of Valakas/ Dragon Trophy Valakas.
12139: Added new Quests: Jewel of Antharas/ Jewel of Valakas. Not activated, need translation.
12141: Just started translation for latest 2 quests.
12144: Added new Quest: Target Of Opportunity. Needs Steel Citadel support.
12145: Quest: Jewel of Antharas, work in progress.
12146: Quest: Jewel of Antharas, work in progress.
12147: Quest: Jewel of Antharas translated, Please check my english.
12149: Added new Quest: Dont Know Dont Care.
12152: Disabled Quest: Target Of Opportunity until we have a full working Steel Citadel.
12156: Quest: Jewel of Antharas, finished translating.
12157: Fixed seer ugoros AI.
12158: Quest Jewel of valakas, translated.
12159: Probably fixed issue with olympiad sometimes stop working.
12161: Fixed Olympiad participant list creation.
12164: Fixed Olympiad, now should work fine.
12169: Cleanup of steal buff - can be stolen - etc. Now Servitor Share can't be stolen.
12182: NPC/ summons soulshot consume update.
12184: Fixed Multiple Shot damage.
12186: Increased magic failure for weapon grade penalty. Better save and restore of buff for players.
12187: Sometimes Frintezza Movie breaks. This should fix the Problem.
12197: Monster Aggro range update.
12198: Added missing messages into Quest: Journey To A Settlement.
12199: Fixed seer ugoros exploit.
12200: Implemented Hellbound Town in java.
12202: Fixed wrong buff removal when entering into kamaloka instances.
12203: Thorn Root updated to high five.
12211: Fixed wrong pending party invitation check.
12223: Added full support for disarming monsters (visual part too).
12224: Need to have slot open to be able to use Cloak of Frintezza and Cloak of Freya.
12234: Warcryer skilltree fixes.
12258: Some changes on Dark Cloud Mansion instance chesspieces.
12259: Blows are not affected by physical skill damage stat (final secret, etc).
12265: Fix wrong id for spawn Deinonychus Mesozoic Stone spawn white show fenir but need to spawn Deinonychus
12266: Add missing message for clan hall update summons Snow Fenrir, Snow Wolf and other.
12267: Sync raid spawn HP/MP with current one from npc stats for avoid problems like raids spawn with 1/3 from they hp/mp.
12278: Matk bonus updated to match retail.
12279: Small HTML cleanup.
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