Server has been updated to rev. 12070
Server has been updated to rev. 12070

12001: Fixed Stun Shot. Should not attack after cast, confirmed freya files.
12003: Fixed party skills considered as offensive.
12004: Fixed Infinity Spear, it was triggering the cancel skill twice.
12005: Psycho Symphony, MP consume and Power updated to Hi5. Sword Symphony, MP consume updated to Hi5.
12018: New Hp, Cp, Mp Max values for classes and levels parsed from freya files. Fixed bug with messed class stats when changing to 3rd class. Thanks Zealar for parsing.
12023: Fixed Boost Mana skill.
12032: Fixed Infinity rod which had 2x trigger of full HP.
12034: Fixed a small inaccuracy in handling MP diff of skill Seal of Limit.
12041: Fixed Clan Seller don't seeing clan's own name.
12042: Fixed action for properly show location of clan hall for bidding clan.
12044: Fixed Kamael (Warder) class change problem with NPC Grand Master Gershwin.
12047: Fixed exploit which allowed to invite unlimited clan members.
12050: Fixed a very old bug where when players relogin and they are not in main clan, other players see that player like is moved in main clan. Players need to relog to see correct information.
12054: Fixed error on Quest Tragedy in Von Hellman Forest.
12056: Fixed Heat of Desert skill.
12057: Fixed Olympiad match point limitation.
12059: Fixed Handy's Block Checker. Added proper skills.
12060: Fixed not working Medusa's Potion.
12062: Quests Updated: Forgotten Truth translated to Java and fixed few bugs with it. Spirit of Craftsman translated to Java. Bird in a cage translated to Java and also fixed some bugs with it. Millennium Love translated to Java.
12063: Fixed bug where if a player have Noblesse Blessing effect active and dies with a confuse mob effect, gets stuck until getting killed again. 
12066: Reversed Kratei Cube's score order, thx Ordoban.
12067: Fixed saving/restoring of summon/pet buffs/ debuffs with multiple effects.
12068: Fixed zones, now zones with effect will affect playable only. This should fix not talking walkers NPC problem too.
12069: Fixed Hellbound zone. Now Heat of Desert zone skill works.

Note: Some changesets may be skipped to hide retail information which are private, related to exploits or are just internal code fixes and performance or stability fixes which do not affect gameplay. Any fixes which do not affect gameplay directly are not published.
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