Server has been updated to rev. 15225
Server has been updated to rev. 15225
15223: Fixed polymorph spawns - this allows other players to target and interact with morphed mobs.
15219: Fixed double messages when unsummon pets and pet items visualization on inventory.
15216: Fixed quest The Food Chain, Fabulous Featers, 1000 Years End of Lamentation.
15215: Ported Test of the Champion to Java. 
15213: Fixed ToI Angels.
15212: Fixed quest The Finest Food.
15209: Ported Wrath of Ancestors, Invaders of the Holy Land, Skirmish with the Werewolves to java.
15208: Ported Proof of Valor to java.
15198: Implemented Siege Status user command.
15197: Added missing Camera Sequence for when Antharas dies.
15195: Daimon the White-Eyed - Part 1 rework to java using retail source all know bugs fixed and tested.
15190: Fixed pet evolution code.
15184: Fixed Quests: Cure for Fever and Path to Artisan.
15174: Update resurrect conditions for sieges.
15162: Experienced Adventurer's Treasure Sack implemented. This gives B-A or S grade full weapon with a small chance. Can get these from Treasure chest.
15152: Fixed Unlock skill giving resist message when trying to unlock doors if succeed.
15151: Fixed doors that should open by time and by skill.
15149: This should avoid to pickup disappeared items.
15148: Fixed True Berseker decreasing accuracy instead of increasing.
15147: Removed some duplicate npcs from Aden & Giran.
15146: Fixed up The Last Pavel's Relic quest was stuck seems it was wrong translation in quest.
15145: Fixed lethal typo on Turn Undead.
15143: Proper remove of active buffs/debuff when a player logout/disconnect.
15141: Fix which allows to see again the Territory War symbols on the territory owners.
15140: Fixed issues with cubics not deleted when owner logour or disconnect.
15138: Toggles remain active when entering into olympiads.
15137: Fixed quest 7Signs part 5. Quest was getting stuck in step 2.
15136: Toggles can be activated/deactivated while casting.
15133: Updated Summons Consume over time so that it matches retail.
15131: Fixed 'login with empty inventory' issue. Fixed summon siege not spawning.
15130: Cubics shouldn't die so soon.
15129: Elders and up should be able to make Command Channel.
15126: This should fix the problem with minion immediate respawn.
15125: Fixed Certified Arbalester Quest.
15123: Re-parsed Town of Schuttgart just to make sure it was retail like.
15118: Updated zones to match retail: Giran and Aden.
15117: Fixed exploit.
15110: This should fix all the 're-enter instance' issues.
15109: Clans in territory war can build headquarters and can return to that HQ when died.
15106: Fixed too powerful shield defense.
15105: Fixed quest Temple Missionary, now mobs should drop the quest item.
15104: Reparsed Ruins of Despair spawnlist.
15103: Fixed reward to match retail for quest Test of Lord.
15102: Fixed test of summoner, we shouldn't check for beginners arcana as its removed from inventory in order to obtain other arcanas.
15101: Added the missing file for quest The Name Of Evil 2.
15100: Now is possible to restart from outpost while in territory war, still missing hq implementation.
15099: Added Labyrinth event.
15097: Fixed correct reward for Testimony of Fate.
15096: Implemented herb masking (some code was missing). Implementing 'to outpost' when die in territory war (not completed).
15094: Fixed some cubic issues. This should also solve the problems with outpost and ward casting.
15091: Ancient Battlegrounds fully parsed to be retail-like.
15090: Fixed Stigma of Shilien. It should only decrease "defence" not "attack".
15086: Fixed wrong message for command channel.
15083: Added support for seal of limit for 'recharge mp by hitting' orc mystic ability.
15080: Fixed issue with autoattacks or skills not remove sleep.
15079: Fixed summon lethal doing nothing.
15078: Fixed summon issues on pvp zone when summoner is on peace zone.
15076: HP Drain nukes should hit triggers.
15073: Small cleanup for Stigma.
15072: Fixed enchanted Swoop cannon.
15070: Fixed augment issues on equip/unequip.
15067: Fix for clan names that don't match pattern of allowed characters. Added Alliance names to match pattern of too.
15064: Researcher Keplon re-located. Dimensional Vortex 1 re-located. Dimensional Vortex 1 removed first floor html. Dimensional Vortex 1 added fifth floor html (same as Dimensional Vortex 3).
15059: Added Battle Arena Buffer options.
15058: Experimental fix for negative stats.
15057: Fixed so that Christmas Tree gets consumed when used.
15056: Data changes for treasure chests.
15055: Fixed: Suicide skills/ Area skills/ Treasure chest/ Unlock effects.
15052: Fixed Good Works reward giving only 1 million even if you have all 3 items.
15051: Some fixes for magic critical rate stats in skills.
15045: Fix so that Fantasy Wine updates directly instead of having to kill another mob.
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