Server has been updated to rev. 14943
Server has been updated to rev. 14943
14944: Fixed Pablo's Box
14939: Updated Vote Manager. Now you don't have to vote on Hopzone AND Topzone. Just Hopzone is enough. Fixed some bugs.
14936: Fixed some bugs with Steal Buffs.
14933: Fixed bug with "cannot talk with Eye of Argos".
14931: Updated text for Possessor of a Precious Soul 1 to High Five.
14930: Fixed treasure chest opening skill.
14927: Updated dialogs of Seer Rahorakti in the Possessor of precious soul - part 1 to have it aligned with the quest (was still the old per-h5 version).
14906: Fixed bug with Day/ Night spawn system.
14902: Stealth and invincible effects should be stealable.
14901: Fixed values of Fast Recovery (kamael passive).
14894: Lucky Blow HP lethal chance updated to retail.
14893: Fixed Focus Chance critical rate conditions.
14892: Fixed Hard March cycletime.
14890: Removed some double spawns.
14888: Fixed some H5 boss weapons.
14882: Added missing spawn for "Abyssal Jewel 2".
14880: Fixed Decoy.
14868: Fixed Olympiad points.
14863: Fixed race for a lot of mobs.
14853: Fixed wrong race in character selection window when character is on another race subclass.
14840: Fixed wrong message and order for clan war stop request.
14833: Fixed Star Fall and Meteor.
14832: Fixed Shield Strike.
14828: Fixed blow chance.
14822: Fixed Fortune of nobless.
14820: Fixed not enchantable jewels.
14818: Removed some double spawns.
14812: Removed double spawn - pathfinder worker of rune.
14811: Fixed Arena Haste.
14809: Only Steal does not work against summons.
14804: Fixed Turn to Stone.
14800: Fixed skill race condition on summons.
14792: Added check to skeleton for dead target on buff effect.
14791: Fixed Time/ Bow resist enchant route of Soul Barrier, fixed radius of Chain Heal.
14790: Fixed Touch of Death, Wrath, etc doing CP damage through Invul.
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